On Wednesdays, I Wear Pink

As a forever Mean Girls fan, this post is inspired by the movie. **points to the title** And if things can get any more coincidental... I am currently also wearing a pink shirt while I write this. Funny eh? I actually didn't realize this until right now. Anyway, for the past few weeks or months or specifically this season, I have been loving every shade of pink. I've always perceived it as a very girly colour in the past, but now I consider it to be a little more mature. Pairing it with black is one of my favourite combinations.


GUESS Holiday 2014 Collection

Early last week, Lotus Leaf Communications hosted the GUESS Holiday '14 Collection Preview. It definitely felt like it's already Christmas (although it's still July) since the collection was almost full of lovely faux fur coats, deep festive reds, and sparkling sequinned dresses. Also, leopard prints and pastel colours are still going to be around this holiday season.
// Photos from GUESS //


Grapefruit Moon

It seems that Mondays are my usual days off this month; so my friend and I decided to go out and grab food. I realized there aren't a lot of places that do weekday brunch. I have no clue brunch are usually on the weekends. Silly me ;) Anyways, we wanted to try a local restaurant across the city... While I was searching the internet about brunch restaurants in Toronto, I came across this around The Annex (Bathurst & Bloor). There were a variety of choices and I'm sure I will get to try most of them.


Mint Overall

Since I've become a lot more active in the fashion industry because of World MasterCard Fashion Week, my blog have gained a lot more exposure and awareness through social media. I've met new people and networked with industry professionals. Who knew it will come to this?

Back when I first started blogging, I didn't think I would get the chance to work with a street style photographer. Now, I have again teamed up with Jun Her (The Korean Barber). We decided to arrange one day every month to do an outfit photo shoot. You can check out the first time we worked together by clicking the link HERE. Half the year is gone and I'm grateful for all the things that have happened so far.